Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Water's Edge

This recently commissioned painting, Water's Edge was created in pastels . Pastel painting has served as a preferred method to me both in the past and now, transfering a tactileness to my landscapes with them and the brush alike. I'm glad to now return to the sensibility of this medium after a curved lapse from it and from the fluid aspect of paint itself. The landscape provides a theme of elements with the architecture structures I choose. I have choosen this view, among others that I'm working on, to bring together the elements of the man-made and the raw. This is commissioned by the Philadelphia Carpenter's Union.
I now continue to do the designing of neo-deco design motifs in unison with wooden designs, structures and or environments. As they come to me, I'm excited by the flow of these design configurations that emerge.
I teach lower and upper school age children. I have been enjoying sharing African art themes 
with them .  Below  " Fleur Di lis Corked".

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