Sunday, July 19, 2009

Introduction : Welcome!

Hello there potential reader. You've arrived here, at this particular blog, for art.
I've worked in and around Philadelphia, PA. I teach and have worked steadily doing art commissions throughout the area for public institutions and individuals. My commissions began many years ago with painting pictures of homes and has evolved to historical building cityscapes. I've painted most recently a mural entitled, "Revival" for the Philadelphia Carpenters Union Health and Welfare restored art deco building.There were no stipulations in this assignment so I took the liberty completely! My focus in working on the mural was in patterns, shapes, and design motifs within the Western cultural design movements beginning after the 18th century through to the early 20th century. I was inspired to create glass-like sectional designs that were montaged together with biomorphic patternings. I hope to continue developing this art form. Even though I now work with motifs, I still paint the urban landscape because it has a sense of time about it that I am drawn to.

Featured here: "Morning Walk", oil on canvas.
Right: "Carpenter's Hall : View From 18th Century Garden", oil on board.