Saturday, February 20, 2016

City Scapes, Commissions and More

Myself with " City Hall" Oil painting at Boardroom of P.C.Union ( 4X5 ft)

Embellished City Hall giclee on canvas.  Been on exhibit in Mayor Nutter's cabinet room since 2008 in City Hall, Philadelphia.

(Giclee prints avail.)

above " Carpenters Hall", From Garden View
Oil, 3X4 Ft. Oil. Complete of four in series.
 Giclee pigment prints on archival paper ,9X12, total size w border 11X14.

Hello World 2016

1.)" Staight on" view of Mural located at the Philadelphia Carpenters Union.
2.) Overature Sectional
3. Close up multi sectional
4.) Vestibule View from landing of Health and Welfare Building