Saturday, February 20, 2016

City Scapes, Commissions and More

Myself with " City Hall" Oil painting at Boardroom of P.C.Union ( 4X5 ft)

Embellished City Hall giclee on canvas.  Been on exhibit in Mayor Nutter's cabinet room since 2008 in City Hall, Philadelphia.

(Giclee prints avail.)

above " Carpenters Hall", From Garden View
Oil, 3X4 Ft. Oil. Complete of four in series.
 Giclee pigment prints on archival paper ,9X12, total size w border 11X14.

Hello World 2016

1.)" Staight on" view of Mural located at the Philadelphia Carpenters Union.
2.) Overature Sectional
3. Close up multi sectional
4.) Vestibule View from landing of Health and Welfare Building

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hello Everyone!!!  My work is on exhibition at:

Roxborough Development Corporation Community Art Show at the : RoxArt Gallery
Dec 21, 2012  to Jan. 18, 2013

Roxborough Development Corporation
6111 Ridge Ave.  Philadelphia Pa. 19144
Hrs.10-5 Monday –Friday

Lisa Karin Reisman has been chosen as a featured artist for an exhibition organized by the Roxborough Development Corporation.  The Roxborough Development Corporation is celebrating the art of Lisa Karin 

 Reisman by showcasing works by the artist that reflect her love of Philadelphia's history and beauty.   The richness of Philadelphia's history, its architecture and the beauty of its natural enviornment have inspired Reisman's painting career for over thirty years. Reisman has been extensively recognized for her skilled works on canvas and has received numerous commissions by and from Philadelphia city officials as a public works artist and for her scaled works as muralist.  (Philadelphia Carpenter Union and Mayor Nutter)  Her inspired images of well known architectural settings reflect her rhythmic visions that allow the viewer to transcend time.  This capacity to transcend time is a hallmark of Reisman's works which distinguishes her from others in her field.  Each work creates a bridge to an honored past as it equally celebrates the cultural and natural beauty of Philadelphia's now present.


# 267-679-7194

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Water's Edge

This recently commissioned painting, Water's Edge was created in pastels . Pastel painting has served as a preferred method to me both in the past and now, transfering a tactileness to my landscapes with them and the brush alike. I'm glad to now return to the sensibility of this medium after a curved lapse from it and from the fluid aspect of paint itself. The landscape provides a theme of elements with the architecture structures I choose. I have choosen this view, among others that I'm working on, to bring together the elements of the man-made and the raw. This is commissioned by the Philadelphia Carpenter's Union.
I now continue to do the designing of neo-deco design motifs in unison with wooden designs, structures and or environments. As they come to me, I'm excited by the flow of these design configurations that emerge.
I teach lower and upper school age children. I have been enjoying sharing African art themes 
with them .  Below  " Fleur Di lis Corked".

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Introduction : Welcome!

Hello there potential reader. You've arrived here, at this particular blog, for art.
I've worked in and around Philadelphia, PA. I teach and have worked steadily doing art commissions throughout the area for public institutions and individuals. My commissions began many years ago with painting pictures of homes and has evolved to historical building cityscapes. I've painted most recently a mural entitled, "Revival" for the Philadelphia Carpenters Union Health and Welfare restored art deco building.There were no stipulations in this assignment so I took the liberty completely! My focus in working on the mural was in patterns, shapes, and design motifs within the Western cultural design movements beginning after the 18th century through to the early 20th century. I was inspired to create glass-like sectional designs that were montaged together with biomorphic patternings. I hope to continue developing this art form. Even though I now work with motifs, I still paint the urban landscape because it has a sense of time about it that I am drawn to.

Featured here: "Morning Walk", oil on canvas.
Right: "Carpenter's Hall : View From 18th Century Garden", oil on board.